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    For Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion, Lectors, Greeters and Altar Servers at Annunciation Parish, the following dress code is offered:
    1.    Men should wear jackets with ties or open-necked sport shirts (with air-conditioning, this should not be burdensome, even in summer).
    2.    Women should wear dresses of suitable length and modesty, dress slacks with blouse or jacket, or a pants suit.
    3.    No jeans or sneakers! That applies to all men, women and youth.
    4.    The principle to follow – if it draws attention to yourself, it shouldn’t be worn.
    We trust these directives will be acceptable in the spirit in which they are given. Remember, by your ministry, you assume a very important and visible role in the sacred liturgy. You should appear in clothing that bespeaks the special significance that is attached to your role.

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  • Bishop Sweeney is excited to introduce our 2022 diocesan ministries appeal!

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    Rev. Ricardo Ortega, Jr.


       Because most of our parishioners are homeowners, this is the time of year when they find themselves walking around their property, slowing down as they approach the driveway, taking a good look at what the winter has done and how ready they are for spring.  I do that too.  While not the owner, I am the steward of Annunciation.
       Now and then, I even find myself compelled to go to our parish website's “News and Events” photo section.  The pictures remind me that repairs are a constant in human life.  They also call to mind a magnet I once saw on a refrigerator that claimed that good housekeeping is never noticed until it is not done.
       I believe in the truth of both of those statements.  Because this is the time of year for you and for me to take stock of what we are responsible for and FIX things, I have been thinking about the good sense of establishing a maintenance fund that would make it possible to make repairs in a timely way, avoid the malfunctioning of something, and most of all, “keep up” this beautiful campus and facility. 
       During the year, our collection envelopes are labeled to identify the purposes for the second collection.  Currently, there are a few Sundays when there is no second collection.  If those collections were designated “Parish Maintenance” collections, keeping our beautiful parish home in good condition would be an easier process.
       Expect and be ready for the unexpected, another refrigerator’s piece of advice, assures me that this is a way to protect and preserve the place we love.

    Is It Really Necessary?
    My dear friends, Yes, it is.  After much reflection and self-questioning, I kept coming back to
    the same conclusion.  A parish Maintenance Fund is necessary because we always have to expect the unexpected.  Things happen.  When it became necessary to repair the church roof, I realized that the general account could not afford such a big expense.  I made the unhappy decision to hold a Roof Raffle, as you know. The roof had to be repaired, not uncommon for a twenty-year-old roof, but I had no option. We couldn’t cover it from the Sunday collection.  We hadn’t met our Diocesan Ministries Appeal quota, which had to be made up by going into general funds.  Our budget is stable, but good management plans for the unexpected.  I would hate to be required to resort to another Raffle for the next sudden problem. Parishioners would be offended.  One raffle was more than I like.
    There is no priest I know who wants to hound people for money for one necessity after another. I hope that this solution saves us from future specific fundraising.   It will also make it more expeditious to be able to order repairs before things get worseWe need easy access to funds. As I brace myself for the ominous effects of inflation this year, I conclude that this is a good strategy.
    Our Finance Committee and I are frugally minded.  I try to be very careful with your generous gifts.  I try to be very careful with our beautiful facilities.   I have really given this a great deal of thought.  It is really necessary.