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  • Good News from The Beacon

    • July 20
      During the first week of July, American flags and patriotic décor are usual sights seen as the United States marks Independence Day. But at St. Peter the Apostle Church here during the first few weeks of July, the narthex was adorned with a Christmas tree complete with special ornaments. The Christmas tree display is a sign to parishioners that their parish is again celebrating Christmas in July, a tradition hosted by the Good Samaritans ministry for more than a decade. During this time, the Good Samaritans reach out to help the newborns of young mothers and children in foster homes by offering parishioners the opportunity to purchase gifts for these youngsters in need.
    • July 20
      For Melanie Paige, newly graduated from Sparta Middle School, dancing was her life. So much so, dance is what saved her life. In early March when she was performing a solo dance routine, her life changed in a heartbeat. “She did a phenomenal job with her solo,” said Michele Russo, Melanie’s mother, “But backstage, she was crying because she was in so much pain after she performed.”
    • July 20
      This summer, Paula Korinko of St. Joseph Parish here has been taking advantage of the best place and time for her to pray — in her car while driving around for work. “It’s a great time for me to pray, because it’s quiet and I’m in the car a lot during the day,” said Korinko, a married mother of two, who designs and installs artificial turf as her profession. “Recently, I prayed for one thing or person each day for one week this summer. I prayed for more peace and understanding in the world and for people I know, who didn’t know that I was praying for them,” she said.
    • July 20
      Bishop Serratelli made a pastoral visit to Our Lady of the Magnificat Parish here where he celebrated the vigil Mass for the Fifteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time on July 15.
    • July 20
      Bishop Serratelli made a pastoral visit to St. Philip the Apostle Church here July 16 where he celebrated Mass for the 15th Sunday in Ordinary Time. It was the Bishop’s first visit to the parish since he rededicated St. John the Baptist Cathedral on June 24. While the cathedral was undergoing significant renovations for nearly seven years, all major diocesan events led by the Bishop were held in St. Philip the Apostle Church.
    • July 20
      The roots of the Catholic faith in the Polish people are very deep. Last year, Poland celebrated the 1,050th anniversary of its Christian heritage. Since 966, Poland has more often than not been the bulwark of Christianity against invasion, and has time and again defended its civilization spurred on by its deep Catholic heritage.
    • July 13
      The presence of women serving the U.S. military has always existed. During the country’s earliest wars, women served mostly caring for the wounded men out in the battlefield. Later women served in non-combat roles for all branches of the U.S. armed forces beginning in the last two years of World War I through the Vietnam War. During the Persian Gulf War, more than 41,000 women were deployed to the combat zone. More recently, almost 350,000 women have served in Iraq and Afghanistan.
    • July 13
      Hispanics from around the Diocese learned how to deepen their faith and hone their special spiritual gifts during a series of workshops, presented in Spanish and English, for the second annual Hispanic Summer Institute, from June 17-23, under the theme “Celebrating Ministry, Hispanic Leadership and Evangelization.”