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  • our new tenant

    For information about our tenant please visit njfriendshiphouse.org

    North Jersey Friendship House Update

       Pursuant to the mandates associated with the N.J. State of Emergency, North Jersey Friendship House suspended all services until further notice.  North Jersey Friendship House has assured me that it remains committed to expanding services and occupying the leasehold premises as soon as the circumstances allow.  It was preparing to open operations on April 1st (with new hires, office furniture, utility hook-ups, etc.) and was excited to do so, but the Covid 19 pandemic has made it impossible.         Unfortunately, the difficult circumstances necessitated the temporary suspension of lease payments.  Please keep North Jersey Friendship House in your continued prayers.  We look forward to the resumption of all services so we can enjoy a long and prosperous relationship.   Fr. Ricardo

  • updated protocals for covid pandemic

  • rosary rally for america

    Please join us to pray for America on Sat., Oct. 10th at Our Lady of Consolation Church, 1799 Hamburg Turnpike, Wayne from 12:00-1:00 p.m.  We will pray for the conversion of America, protection of life, a fair election, and protection from the COVID virus.  Bring a Rosary, a mask and a chair.  Social distancing will be followed so individuals and families will stay 6 feet apart.  Thank.
    Join us in prayer.  See you there!

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    Rev. Ricardo Ortega, Jr.

  • OCT 18 ABVM live streamed mass

  • Liturgical Ministries

       One of the great gifts of the liturgical renewal following the Second Vatican Council was the increased participation of the faithful in the liturgy and in taking the liturgical roles that are proper to them. Some may recall the days when the priest stood at the altar and offered Holy Mass only accompanied by the server who made all of the responses and carried out all of the liturgical roles that the priest did not fulfill. It is a gift and a privilege to be able to distribute the Body and Blood of Christ in the Eucharist and to proclaim God’s word in the scriptures at Mass.
       We are in need of more members of our community to fulfill these important responsibilities. The lectors and extraordinary ministers of the Eucharist that serve now are wonderful – but they need a little bit of help. When there are just a few lectors and extraordinary ministers of the Eucharist, they are called upon to serve time and time again. Our ushers are also very faithful and serve week after week – they need a break now and then too! Please consider serving as an usher; their service is an important part of enhancing our liturgy each week. If you feel that you are able to serve as a lector or an extraordinary minister of the Eucharist, please contact Father Ricardo at the parish offices or through the parish e-mail. Thank you for considering this request to serve.

  • growing in mercy, stewardship and compassion

    As renovations are being done to our facility, photos of the work can be found in the Photo Albums under News/Events tab.  Also an explanation of the work being done can be found under News..
       Our church and campus are very beautiful.  I believe that you and I share the commitment to keep it that way.  The very popular word for this kind of supervision and attention is stewardship.  We use it in connection with public funds and resources and the environment.   We also use it in reference to our participation in church related matters.  The mandate to be stewards first appears in the Book of Genesis.  Adam is given the control and oversight of all of God’s creation.  So, stewardship is both an obligation and an honor.  On every level, we are to supervise and be held accountable for all of the things that have been given by God to our care.
       As your pastor, I have undertaken the careful management of parish funds and the conservation and preservation of this physical property very seriously.  It is my obligation, and it is my honor.  Your generosity and your concern for our shared facilities are part of your stewardship role.  With that in mind, I would like to share with you some of the recent housekeeping that has been done.  Because most of you are homeowners, you understand the necessity of taking care of the maintenance and up-keep of homes and property. 
    ~Fix all exterior lighting
    ~repair all cracks in sidewalks around the campus
    ~move Bl. Mother statue to front island & place on pedestal
    ~repair lights around Rosary walk
    ~repair damaged sprinkler heads
    ~Repair of leaks in roof of the Parish Center
    ~Repair of lighting inside the church
    ~Parking lot repair